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Vienna Recordings

Let’s Turn Your Idea Into a Finished Product


Thank you for stopping by!

Whether it’s audio, video, livestream or multimedia all-in-one productions, we are doing it all!

Please explore our website and find more about our services. Let’s turn Your idea into a finished product.

About Us


Vienna Recordings is created by artists for artists.

Our main goal is to support and accompany musicians and other creatives until their ideas become reality.

Whether it’s an audio or video recording, live-performance recording, editing of existing materials, livestream or complete production, we are handling every project with great care and attention to detail, so together we can achieve the highest quality possible.

Since we believe that artists should have the freedom to record in the best possible location for their projects, we give You the opportunity to choose the space. Tell us where You want to record and we will come to You! Our gear is always packed and ready for the next project.

Please contact us and describe your project, let us help You realize Your vision. We are very excited to work with You! Let’s go!


Our Services

ViennaRecordings offers a highest quality services in order to support musicians and their creativity.

Since we believe no story should remain untold we are ready to discuss every idea thoroughly so we can help you develop it into a project within Your budget. Contact Us

Live Recording

1 camera (4k), high quality sound recording.
Recording for competition/demo purposes.
Editing and mastering included corresponding to a live recording purpose.  

Live Recording

2-3 cameras (4k), high quality sound recording.
Promotional video purposes.
Editing and mastering included corresponding to a live recording purpose. 

Live Stream

1-3 cameras (stream in Full HD 1080p), high quality audio. 
Professional streaming equipment. 
Flexible streaming time. 

Audio Recording

Demo/Promotional material as well as CD Recording. 
Applies for choirs, chamber ensembles and soloists. 
Mixing & mastering included.

Video/Short Film Production

2-4 cameras (4k), high quality audio. 
Minimum 2 days.  
Recording crew included. 
Editing, color grading, mixing and mastering included. 


Professional camera and lighting equipment.
Multiple locations on demand. 
Pictures editing included.

Full Package

Video/Short Film Production / Audio Recording / Photoshoot

The Services Include:

Transport to Location,
1-time assembly and disassembly of all equipment,
Soundcheck, rehearsal and recording,
Audio and video editing and processing,
Mastering & Finalizing.

The Services Do Not Include:

Rental costs of the location,
Copyrights. Production and private user rights are included (website, internet platforms, private distribution). Licenses for TV, radio or duplication on media must be approved or acquired from ViennaRecordings,
The third time change in mastering, editing, mixing etc. Additional changes are rated at 30 EUR/h

Recent Video Productions

Recent Audio Recordings

ViennaDuo – Sonatina op. 205 (I.Allegretto grazioso) by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco


ViennaDuo – Sonatina for flute and guitar Op. 205, Tempo di Siciliana by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco


LucidDuo – Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, Presto Agitato


Recent Photoshoots





Let’s chat! We are waiting for you! Let us help you either with a video, audio or photography session. We are very open for any suggestions and proposals! 

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